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FIDE Swiss Pairings Program Commission

Published the Meeting Agenda of the 86th FIDE Congress

86th FIDE Congress will be held at Abu Dhabi. The Systems of Pairings and Program Commission has published the agenda of the meeting and the annexes that will be discussed during this meeting and that are the result of the work made during the last year.

Update about the work of the Commission

We have updated the What we do section of this website with the draft proposal of the Dutch regulations and will keep this files updated until the FIDE Congress of 2016.

About the Commission

The FIDE Systems of Pairings and Program Commisssion (SPP) is the body tasked with defining the pairing rules for use in FIDE rated events, and for approving software that implements these rules. The Commission has a Chairman, Secretary, 3 Councillors plus other general members. The Commission normally meets once a year at the FIDE Congress.

Contact the Commission

If you need any information concerning the workings of this Commission, or wish to submit a program for approval, please contact the Commission's Secretary after checking his contact details at the Commission Members page.

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