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Dutch System 2017 - Version History

Our Commission worked (2014-2016) the new wording of the Dutch System Regulations that were presented for approval to the 2016 FIDE Congress in Baku (AZE).

  1. Proposed text written over the current wording to check the proposed amendments easily. (update 2015-06-07)
  2. Proposed new wording (update 2015-06-07)
  3. DutchRules_UpdatedDraft.pdf, the file that was presented at the Congress, which highlights the differences with (2) (update 2015-09-06)
  4. Abu Dhabi version, which highlights the differences with (3) (updated 2015-09-10)
  5. Version presented at Baku Congress (2016): the completely reworded draft that will be presented in the Baku Congress meetings
  6. Final version of the Dutch System, with the modifications made at the Congress and later. (updated on 2016-12-22)
  7. Final version of the Dutch System. Coming into force on 1st July 2017. (updated on 2016-12-22)

If you want any information concerning this draft, or want to make a proposal regarding these documents, please contact the Commission's Secretary after checking his contact details at the Commission Members page.

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