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Agenda and Minutes of the meetings of 2015

Agenda of the meeting to be held at the 86th FIDE Congress in Abu Dhabi.

Documents presented at the meeting

1. Approval of the endorsement procedure (section C.04.4)

2. Discussion of the current draft of the new wording for C.04 FIDE Swiss rules to be finalized at the 87th Congress in Baku 2016

3. Experiences with the Dutch wording

4. Proposed amendments to the Dutch Swiss Rules

5. New candidates for the endorsement

7. Proposal for a FIDE Pairing Server (FPS) to help organizers comply with deadline requirements

8. Discussion of accelerated systems


Minutes of the meeting, held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) on 6th of September 2015

Minutes of the Qualification Commision, (3rd September 2015), page 3 states the proposal of our Chairman regarding the compulsory use of a FIDE endorsed pairing program.

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